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Components of successful AI

June 15, 2020

Carl Ringqvist, Co-founder of Fimento

Ph.D. Candidate Mathematics and Machine Learning, KTH

The power of Fimento

We let the database be complex, but we complement that with tools for structuring it. If you have data, we have a very thought-through process for making use of it.

Machine learning and smart data analytics

I tend to see the machine learning work as mainly a thorough thought process about how your data is structured and how your data is processed.
A common problem with systems is that either the data is too complex, and you don't have the tools to simplify it. Or it is overly simplified so that you do not measure what is relevant to analyze.
A lot of data is stored in formats meant to be read by humans, for example, PDFs. The data is there but spread out over different systems, databases, or formats.
You need to store your data in a form that a computer can easily consume.
We have the tools to make that data into structured formats where it can be analyzed.

Banks with legacy systems and non-banks as clients

Banks adopted IT early, which ironically can be a disadvantage since it means that many systems are now very old.

Non-financial companies and technology

Customers with a subscription-based product can benefit significantly from the Fimento system if they want to find out how their customers are behaving, their types, if payments are on time and if they are late – how late,

Take advantage of Fimento’s modular system

If you want to launch a new product with a new customer, they might have specific demands about which product they want. In that situation, your system must be easy to develop and change, precisely what a modularized system provides.
We are entirely cloud-based, which makes it easy to extend or reduce resources depending on what you need in terms of size.
We are also highly modularized in how we build our code. The benefit of that is that we can easily exchange and develop small parts without affecting the whole ecosystem. That also means that we can make changes fast.

Open APIs

Sometimes you want an API, and sometimes you want a backend system. If you are a tech-oriented company with an inhouse developer or developing team, you tend to prefer API-solutions because you want to communicate with your customers through your platform.

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