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Hanna Raftell on Fintechpodden

October 02, 2020

On September 30th, Fimento's CEO Hanna Raftell visited Fintechpodden to talk about how companies, financial or non-financial, can gain significant benefits – such as faster time to market, less manual processes and greater customer personalization – by adding fintech services to their products and services.

For sure, there has been much talk about financial wellness and democratizing the industry, but little has come out of it. Allowing access for non-financial players, with their deep customer relationships and their inherent customer user-friendliness, to the area where the banks have failed will open up plenty of opportunities.

The fintech companies might have created more user-friendly apps but many are still struggling with customer acquisition.

Embedded finance can be the real game changer where market places for example can provide factoring solutions, where your favorite food chain can integrate with wealth management products and services.

Listen to the full episode, Fintechpodden 53, on Spotify or Apple Podcast.


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