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Why Fimento is unique

June 14, 2020

Bruno Godefroy, CTO, Fimento

The system will never limit you. The only question is – how many new ideas you can have and how many new, exciting products you can build on the platform.
We don't see it as working for our clients but with them. We usually invite them very early in the development process. And they are the ones steering the process. Our developers are here to coach our clients so they can make the best decisions depending on their stakeholders' needs.

Open APIs and support for developers

When you provide SaaS, it is essential to have proper documentation with a lot of examples, scheme illustrations, etc. Knowledge is the base and should be accessible without having to ask for it. But we know that this is generally not enough. That is why we have our technical support where our expert developers can help our customers if they have an issue or question.

Support for clients with no IT of their own

We can help this kind of client and, on a consultancy basis, take care of all integrations to existing systems. Data migration is a big part of the integrations process, and we have experts in database technology. We can migrate all existing data into the Fimento ecosystem and help them launch. If you use the Fimento ecosystem, one of the benefits is that you will have one unique system for the whole banking operations. The writers will only have to use one system to take care of day-to-day operations.

Data analysts help with the extraction of data

We help our clients set up any extraction pipelines to their data lake. We also offer data download options so they can quickly recover data in formats like CSV, JSON, or XML. We can also customize the data format when needed.

Cloud scalable

Our infrastructure is built in the cloud using scalable technologies that allow us to quickly meet any requirements and fast changes in volume or demands. All our servers are auto-scaled; they are also duplicated across different availability zones to avoid any regional failures. We also use a lot of serverless architecture, and it's helping us to scale almost infinitely.

Security of data handling

We want to make sure your data is durable over time and won't be lost. All data is duplicated over several backups, so it can always be recovered in case of failure. We have a continuous backup for the most critical data so it can be retrieved at any point in time.
Another important point is who has access to the data. We have a lot of policies in place to ensure that only people that need access have it.

Data analysis

At Fimento, we are paying a lot of attention to how the data is structured, collected, and stored. To get a good data analysis, you need to have good data.

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