Why choose us

A scalable cloud service

The modular architecture of the platform is like building with Lego blocks. You can create many different things using the same pieces. This also makes the platform highly agile and able to support our customers’ journey when they are looking to launch new products or wanting to personalize their client offering. Open APIs allow for quick integration.

Based on modules

Pick and choose from a wide range of modules and combine them according to your needs:

  • Accounting
  • Accounts
  • AML/Fraud
  • Backend
  • Data collection
  • Data enrichment
  • Decision engine
  • E-signing
  • Frontend
  • Invoicing
  • Notification
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • Underwriting

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Easy to use

The onboarding module helps our clients cut costs, as the onboarding becomes more automated.This often leads to greater experience for your customers and this, in turn, improves conversion.

Invoicing remains a very manual and labor-intensive procedure. Fimento helps our clients with invoicing, invoice matching, and factoring. With more automated processes we bring down the margins of error.

Always up to date

Many of our clients are regulated and need systems that update with the regulatory changes. We ensure that modules, like the AML function, are continuously monitored to ensure it complies with the latest regulations.

Monitored on custom dashboards

Fimento provides easy to read dashboards for our clients. Whether you prefer an all automated process for your onboarding and credit scoring, or you want to keep a partly manual process, we cover it. Our clients can design a red flag system for anything they want to highlight.

We also provide white label solutions for our clients’ customers, for example, a partner web.

Loved by developers

Fimento strives to be the most customer-friendly company possible, and we regard developers as key stakeholders to achieve great success. We offer access to open API documentation, as well as a test environment in the form of a sandbox. Our systems should be easy to integrate into your digital universe.

With some of our clients, we arrange hackathons to engage and help the developer teams. It is a great way to land an MVP and for you to get a feel for the capabilities of Fimento.

On the technical forefront

We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to perform smart data analytics. But we know, that without a solid base of data and processes, our state-of-the-art solutions will not come to its right. That is why we always start by helping our clients set up the processes to collect relevant data which is stored in the data lake. This allows for a large amount of unstructured data that you can dip into using your AI or algorithms to conduct the data analytics.

An example of good AI is when we can ensure a fairer and more accurate credit scoring. This will, for example, in turn, lead to a more correct pricing of a loan.