Bank data insights
for credit assessment

Analyse private customers' financial situation in seconds and make smart
credit decisions thanks to our credit insights.

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Reduce credit risk

Leverage credit data proven to reduce credit losses.

Prevent fraud

Detect fraudulent loan seekers with credit insights and analysis.

Make faster decisions

Use insights to increase user confidence and make faster decisions.

Harness bank
account data
for informed

Insight data

Integrate data in your credit assessments to get more accurate at predicting defaults.

Automatic credit decisions

Use income verification, categorised spending and account balance analysis and more to improve your rules framework.

Credit officer tool

Empower your credit officers to increase efficiency and reduce risk with our tool.

Manual credit decisions

Incorporate visual tools to make informed decisions based on bank data insights.

Data to help you make better decisions

We break-down bank account data into 20 categories separated into 5 areas to give you comprehensive insights to make decisions.


  Risk categories like gambling



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