Cloud-based factoring software

Factoring made simple

An easy-to-use factoring system simplifies cash flow management for businesses, providing streamlined processes and intuitive interfaces.

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Solution modules for your factoring business

Invoice data processing

Integrate your invoice data with simple integrations for invoice, creditor and debtor information. Fimento structure your data to process financing application.

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File upload

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API integration

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Accounting software integration

KYC, credit risk and rules

KYC checks and credit risk scores from integrated providers is available. Flexible pricing and rules framework can be set up to process financing applications. Fimento can also integrate data from external systems.

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KYC checks

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Risk scoring

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Pricing set-up

Decision management

Mange financing applications based on your credit rules. Risk rules can bring applications to manual referrals with peer-reviews for additional risk control.

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Credit rules

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Risk checks

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Payment processing

Simple processing of outbound payments to balance your client's accounts. Integrations of inbound payments to match with invoices including a tool to match unidentified payments.

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Payment files

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API integration

Bookkeeping, reporting & analytics

Analytics dashboard to help you stay in control of your business. Reports for accounting and compliance as well as integrations to accounting software.

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Analytics dashboard

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Bookkeeping APIs

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Compliance reporting

Full control through Fimento’s portals

Bank portal
Maximise the efficiency of your factoring business with user-friendly back-office system. Manage invoices, clients, debtors, limits, reminders, payments, payouts, and bookkeeping with ease.
Client portal
Let your factoring clients take control over their finances in the Client Portal with a complete overview of pending and financed invoices, limits, and fees.

Fimento’s platform

Key features

Invoice upload and financing

Customisable billing with flexible pricing structure

Risk management with assignable credit limits

Portals with analytics dashboard

Approval flow for new customers

Audit tracking

Automated payment flow with payment matching

User roles and user permissions

fimento layered system
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